Helping You Live Your Best Plant-Based Lifestyle

Regardless of whether you are transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, or just want to add more variety to your meals, Happie Food has your back. 

You can improve your health and find your happy. I am committed to helping you. Step by step we will do it together! Learn more about our Founder, Happie Ree.


“Your meal plans have been a true God send. As I transition from being a vegetarian to a vegan, you have made the process quite comfortable. Your meals are filling, very tasty, and nutrient dense. I have yet to be disappointed by anything you prepare. Truly you have that special touch that most who do what you do don’t have.”

Solomon Quick

“Girl I don’t even like eating healthy, but your snacks are awesome and fulfilling, and thank you for the knowledge of crystals and the healing powers they have. My ankles thank you.”

Octavia Tryals