MAKING IT WORK: Intermittent Fasting Made Easy



Intermittent fasting is not only a great way to lose weight; it also has number of other health benefits as well. Even though many people are aware of the gains to fasting, they often have concerns that keep them from starting the journey consistently.

I GET IT! Anything new can be a little scary, or maybe you tried it in the past and it didn’t work with your lifestyle and/or individual needs. This book will quickly address those concerns to help you to better understand intermittent fasting, and prepare you for your next easy and super successful fast.

Follow these 10 quick and easy steps now to get started on your most successful intermittent fast yet. Remember, nothing good comes over night. EVERYTHING takes time, but once you change your diet; you are bound to change your life.

Baby steps are always better than no steps… YOU GOT THIS!



First we break down the process and discuss the many benefit to intermittent fasting over time and throughout history. We then analyze and compare some of the various intermittent fasting methods to help you better identify which one is best for you!

It is not a good idea to go headfirst into intermittent fasting because you need to be prepared for it, and you have to have a plan.

I don’t hold ANYTHING back – intermittent fasting can be challenging, BUT it can also have great rewards so you need to be persistent and motivated to get through the tough times. This is especially true when you are starting out. This 10 step guide is sure to reduce some of your uncertainty and help to get you jump started and on your journey to a healthier and happier you!

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