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20181203_151110Holiday Cookie Jars

Just in time for the holidays… It’s a Sesame Cookie sale!!!

Under $10 making these the perfect holiday gift for a co-worker, secret Santa, or even a health conscious friend or loved one. Full of essential nutrients and yummy flavor, these Sesame Cookies are sure to be a favorite over the holidays and after.                                          $9.95 & Up

Varieties: Raisin, Butter, Walnut and Seed

*Available Gluten Free *


Sesame Cookie Series

Full of fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals to help keep you energized and alert. Let’s not forget their delicious sesame flavor! Similar to a peanut butter cookie, but truly in a world of their own… Top them with your favorite topping and there’s no turning back. Sesame Cookies are a definite crowd pleaser.

1 Dozen $14.99 & Up                   2 Dozen $28.99 & Up

Packages & customized orders by request

*Types: Raisin, Butter, Walnut and Seed                                     *Available Gluten Free