“Your meal plans have been a true God send. As I transition from being a vegetarian to a vegan, you have made the process quite comfortable. Your meals are filling, very tasty, and nutrient dense. I have yet to be disappointed by anything you prepare. Truly you have that special touch that most who do what you do don’t have.”

Solomon Quick

“OMG!! I’m so impressed with Happie Food! I am so happy that I have come across this blessing as I transition into a vegan lifestyle. What a treat. Happie Food is not only nutritious but it’s also bright and creative. I have tried an array of dishes from the Taste like Tuna Salad to the Sesame Cookies and there was no disappointment in sight. I am truly enthused to embark on this new journey with the help of Happie Food!”

Christiana Elisa

“Girl I don’t even like eating healthy, but your snacks are awesome and fulfilling, and thank you for the knowledge of crystals and the healing powers they have. My ankles thank you.”

Octavia Tryals

“Being on my “Eat to Live” path I look forward to the tasty recipes from Happie Food! It’s easy to lose your way when there are limited vegan choices immediately available. Therefore we must prepare meals at home, and freeze them to take a lunch for work, school, etc. with excitement. Happie Food introduces to us the many quick and delicious meals that will solve for this! Thank you Happie Food for investing in my healthy journey! Although my doctor may not, my body and mind thank you!”


Danielle Gorman